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Property Management MedfordProperty Management Medford

How to Reduce Rental Property Down Time with the Help of Property Management Medford Professional

Tenant turnover is a crucial factor for rental property success. This is particularly crucial if you depend on rent payments to cover mortgage, cost of cleaning and repairs and other expenses. And the longer your unit is vacant, the more money you’re losing out on potential profit. These are some of the reasons why it’s important to hire an excellent property management Medford professional to ensure smooth tenant turnovers.

But what can you and your property manager do to improve occupancy rates of your rental properties?

Ask your current tenant ahead of time

Inquire with your current tenant if he plans to extend or renew the lease contract 90 days before he’s supposed to leave. If he’s indeed moving out, you’ll have a couple of weeks to advertise the vacancy and plenty of time to screen new tenants.

Routinely inspect and maintain the unit

Have your property management Medford professional routinely check and maintain the unit so that it’s in top shape all the time. Potential tenants are quick to shy away from rental properties with a lot of issues, and your unit may suffer downtime as well if you need to perform major repairs in between. Address small issues quickly so they don’t escalate to something big that require major repairs.

Heighten your advertising efforts

It is also essential that your property management Medford expert knows how to make the most of advertising to attract not only several tenants, but also find a high-quality one. Make your property listing as fantastic as possible, highlighting features that appeal the most to potential tenants, paired with high-quality and professional photos.

In the rental property business, inoccupancy means loss of income and profit. Make sure that you and your property management Medford professional takes these steps seriously to improve tenant turnover.

Property Management ChelmsfordProperty Management Chelmsford

Managing Your Long-Distance Rental Property with Property Management Chelmsford Company

If you’re planning to move out of your home, and live in another state or city, you may consider renting out the previous home. However, you’re not sure how to manage the rental property when you’re too far away. In this case, you need to enlist the services of a property management Chelmsford company.

And these are the reasons why you need to hire one:

Solve problems on your behalf

The most unexpected things can happen to your rental property. Tenant issues can crop up in the middle of the night, and it would be difficult to manage the problem when you’re a considerable distance away. A property management Chelmsford company can attend to tenant needs and emergencies round-the-clock, allowing you to sleep better at night.

Monitor the local market

Rental market trends can fluctuate from time to time. If you’re not in the local area to check things out, then hiring a property management Chelmsford firm will take the responsibility of keeping up-to-date with things like rental rates.

Improve occupancy rates

If you rely heavily on rental income to sustain your lifestyle, chances are, you can’t afford for your units to be vacant for so long. But if you’re far away, it’s difficult to keep up with advertising trends and tenant screenings. A property management Chelmsford company make sure that your property is keep occupied, but also lived by the right tenants.

Although the property management Chelmsford firm will take a cut out of your rental income, they also make rental business management so much easier and convenient on your end. You just need to make sure that you hire a reputable firm so you can have the confidence that your property is earning money even when you’re away.

Property Management MelroseProperty Management Melrose

Top Tips to Avoid Bad Tenants from a Property Management Melrose Professional

You’ve put in a lot of effort and money to get your rental business up and running, and the last thing you want is getting bad tenants to live in your property. Fortunately, as landlord, you have the right to screen tenants and reject those who don’t seem a good fit to your criteria. But there are also property owners who can’t seem to determine bad tenants from good ones.

Here are tips you can consider from a property management Melrose professional:

Background checks

Don’t get the first potential tenants who inquired about your rental property. Instead, screen them through a series of checks and documentations. Do a credit history check, ask for employment paperwork pay slips and names and contact numbers of references. Tenants can fake documents and lie about their background, so make sure to do some more digging to verify the facts.

Procure a written lease agreement

It’s important to remember that tenants also rights, and verbal agreements are not enough to cover you should you get to court. Have your property management Melrose expert draw up a solid lease agreement, detailing what is expected from both parties.

Require a security deposit

A security deposit is well, for your security, and it is a common practice for landlords to require security deposit before the tenant moves in. But there’s another reason why you need to require one. A tenant who is comfortable providing you with security is more likely to be a good tenant than one who opposes it. Additionally, this is to protect you should your tenant cause damage to the property.

Hiring a property management Melrose expert is also one of the best steps you can take to make sure a thorough tenant screening is in place. A property management Melrose professional will not only help you maintain your rental property properly, but also avoid the headaches that come with getting bad tenants.

Property Management AndoverProperty Management Andover

Qualities of a Great Property Management Andover Professional

Most property owners believe that no one can care for their rental properties as much as they do. Still, it doesn’t mean that you can’t relinquish most, if not all, of your landlord duties to a reliable and trustworthy property management Andover professional. You just need to look for these qualities to make sure you hire the right person:


Find a property management Andover professional who has been in the property management for at least a couple of years. It also helps to hire one who also owns his own home or property so that he gets to understand your sentiments as a real estate investor. Ask what his knowledge of local laws and regulations in the rental industry, how many properties he has previously managed and his strategies for better turnovers.

Meticulous about details

A good property management Andover professional is savvy about details, from the littlest penny spent on maintenance, to keeping up with tenant records to submitting financial reports. After all, you’ll rely on the records your property manager provides you with come tax time, so he has to be extremely organized and detail-oriented.

A good communicator

Your property manager acts on your behalf so it’s essential that he can effectively communicate messages to tenants and other people. He also has to be friendly and approachable, has excellent negotiation skills and highly proactive in giving you reports about your investments.

Finding a good property management Andover expert can require some research and due diligence, but when you do, you’ll know that your rental properties are in good hands.

Property Management BostonProperty Management Boston

Benefits of Hiring a Local Property Management Boston Professional for Your Rental Property

If you own a property in Boston but works in another state or city, or if you simply invested in a property but don’t have the time to run it, hiring a local property management Boston professional is always a good idea.
A property management Boston professional has a lot of responsibilities and all of them are geared towards making your rental property as profitable as possible.

Get good tenants
An experienced property management Boston expert can screen tenants thoroughly to ensure that they will not just pay rent, but will also respect your property. And getting good tenants is a two-way street. Your property manager must be friendly yet professional, approachable but firm about the rules.

Quick to act on issues
One of the top landlord headaches are issues that seem to sprout at the most unexpected moments. When you have tenants calling you at the wake of dawn reporting faulty wirings or leaky roofs, you need to have someone to act on those problems immediately, particularly when you live far away.

Comply with rental laws
It is essential for every rental property owner to comply with the local rental laws to avoid messy legal battles down the road. Even if you live in another state, your property management Boston professional can make sure that your business is operating without any legal complexities.
Hiring a property management Boston professional is a cost-effective decision to ensure that your rental property business is not just making money, but is also running effectively and legally.